Hydro Pure Pure drinking water bottled at source

Hydro Pure on-site bottled water solutions

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Hydro Pure is prepared table water: pure, fresh, and bottled at the source!

Coupled with the re-usable glass bottle system this water purfication system has huge environmental benefits!

We offer:

Water purification systems;

from the most basic system (perfect for residential use) to high class turnkey solutions (aimed at the hospitality industry from restaurants to hotels lodges and B&B's). Our pure water purfication system is perfect for all.

The finest quality drinking water;

that reduces bottled water costs by up to 70 % and helps our planet to be cleaner and safer. Our units can provide you with chilled or room temperature water and you can bottle the water as still or sparkling.

Wide range of re-usable glass bottles;

plain or with personalized branding. Our glass bottles have re-sealable bottle tops, aiding storage and sealing in that pure fresh water.

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